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    After win10 upgrade new printers drivers necessary?

    I had a client yesterday that had an HP Office Jet 9600 something or other and after upgrading from Windows 8 to 10 it indeed needed reinstalled. Printer object was there but showed an error that the driver was not available. Reinstalling the printer fixed it. First time I have ever needed to...
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    6/11 update wiped out my system?

    The ExFat boot issues are usually related to an older BIOS that does not understand the format.
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    6/11 update wiped out my system?

    Were any of the external drives formatted in ExFat by chance? Ran into this problem twice now with newer WD drives and older computers where the drives come formatted ExFat and it can cause not only boot issues but specifically Windows upgrade issues. Maybe doesn't apply in your case, I'm just...
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    Windows 10 Comparing 2 Desktop Models with windows 10

    Spend the extra few bucks and upgrade it to an SSD yourself if your capable, tons of bang for your buck as SSD's are super cheap right now. Where pre-configured might add $200 or more to your cost you can nab a decent brand 1TB SSD for around $100 these days. Will make that All in One operate...
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    You're favorite addons/extensions

    uBlock is the only addon I have consistently across systems, with it's ability to synchronize it's whitelist/blacklist using a Google account, and it's small CPU and Memory footprint.. I haven't seen a better ad blocker yet. Chrome Remote Desktop is kind of nice if you want to rely on Google...
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    Windows 10 keeps blocking trusted program

    I had forgotten all about the Asus software compromises. Very valuable information, thanks @Neemobeer :)
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    Windows 10 keeps blocking trusted program

    If you browse to the files location in Explorer and right click on the file and choose Properties is there an unblock checkmark towards the bottom of the General tab? If so select it and hit OK, then try running the app again.
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    Cant change public to private Xfinity unidetified network

    Comcast guest WiFi has a tendency to .. well just plain suck. The router probably needs rebooted and the guest network will start working for you again, and then stop at some point randomly. Kind of the nature of the beast.
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    Adobe photoshop 4.0

    No, Adobe will require more of your hard earned money to get a newer version.
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    How to get application to work in Windows 10

    I believe you would have to use some better emulation software than the normal freebies which are Virtual Box and Hyper-V. As @Neemobeer mentioned most issues are permission related, and sometimes simple registry keys that do not exist in Windows 10 that 7 had that simply aren't there and are...
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    wdf_violation BSOD

    "Driver Updaters" are generally bad practice to use, and most are a joke. Always get your drivers from your computer manufacturer, or the manufacturer of the hardware in question. Can you also attach the DMP file (zipped please)?
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    How to get application to work in Windows 10

    Virtualization was my first suggestion however now that I know more details you would have to have VM software and supported hardware that would let you seamlessly pass through the USB controller I believe for that audio equipment to be happy. I would be willing to help you via Discord (we...
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    Windows 7 Compatible Laptop

    You would not want to game inside of a Virtual Machine no, but it's perfectly fine to have on your system for legacy applications and won't affect any apps on your main system. I have VM's for everything from DOS, Win3.11, 95, 98, 2000, NT4, Windows 7/8/Vista. They only use resources when your...
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    Windows 7 Compatible Laptop

    If your program is so old it only works on Windows 7, and you plan on using it long term, Virtualization is the way to go. As far as performance, a VM with enough cores allocated will run it better than an old Windows 7 machine ever would.
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    script for Win+p

    There's also /internal for use of primary screen only and /clone to clone outputs, might be useful to someone else some day :)