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    Windows 10 Directx 9.0 won't download

    Did it happen even after you restarted the computer?
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    Mouse pointer broken

    Is the latest driver for video card/Monitor installed on your computer? Does Device Manager report problems (yellow triangles with ! mark)? You can find the latest driver for the Monitor here: ROG SWIFT PG27UQ Driver & Tools | Monitors | ASUS USA
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    Windows 10 Windows crashed, need some help.

    Here are some instructions that might help your solve the problem:
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    Can't start windows 7

    It depends on the motherboard model. Is your problem solved now? If not, please let me know your motherboard model and I will look for the instructions on how to access the BIOS.
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    Windows 10 Dual Monitor Issue- Only 1 works at a time

    Did you try to downgrade the driver (in case it is the newest) for the video card?
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    Can't start windows 7

    It means something has happened to the disk drive. Enter the BIOS and see if the disk is detected. You should see the option to access the BIOS settings immediately after you power on the computer.
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    Windows 10 Dual Monitor Issue- Only 1 works at a time

    Is there everything OK in Device Manager, no warnings (yellow triangles with exclamation marks)? My first thought, based on your statement "they have been working...", is that some updates modified the settings or new buggy driver(s) were installed. You can check when were the latest updates...
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    Find Windows product key on all versions

    Have you noticed that in my tutorial it is a different command, not related to PowerShell. Is it bad to give the people more choices?
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    Licensing question

    As a Debian Linux user, I can only encourage you to use it. What attracted me to it is it's performance and stability, which are results of how serious they are in dealing with the packages.
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    Windows not receiving audio input from mic

    It seems that you have tried pretty much everything that could fix the problem. I suppose the driver is not good (buggy). That can only be fixed by either removing the bugs or by making a new driver (programming stuff). The other solution is to buy another headset.
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    Microsoft Licence Agreements

    Please read here: Microsoft License Terms
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    Find Windows product key on all versions

    Can someone, please, move this to tutorials section? Thank you.
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    Licensing question

    Linux is a very good solution for File Sharing. Did you ask for help with Linux? You can use either SAMBA OR MySecureShell SFTP server. I have even published a book on MySecureShell server. RETAIL license can be used on any computer at a time. It doesn't matter if you change the hardware. OEM...
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    Re-starting OneDrive

    Here is a tutorial: How To Reset OneDrive In Windows 10
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    Problems with VPN

    It would help if you answered the following questions: 1) What VPN service do you use? 2) What error messages exactly do you get? 3) do you get the same error messages regardless of the web browser you use (supposing you tried more than one)?