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    Video Scheduler Internal Error BSOD (new PC)

    Actually, since some people may find the post relevant and the issue may crop up again in a different manner (it was never fully resolved, although you may have had defective hardware), our general policy is to leave the thread open for further replies. Thanks for visiting and we hope that you...
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    New Drive

    I have formally addressed the issue with @WindowsPro. Sorry that you are seeing that level of blatant marketing as it is not endorsed by this website.
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    Block youtube through search engines

    When you say "playing in the results" where are you seeing that happen? On itself or? You could theoretically block youtube in the HOSTS file, but it could cause you some issues down the road.
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    I could really use your help. Please see my PM. Thanks!

    I could really use your help. Please see my PM. Thanks!
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    Latest Maintenance Tasks

    The system was down briefly for a minor kernel upgrade, and more importantly a transition from Haswell to Skylake on 4 CPUs. Best, Mike!
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    Share your Windows 10 desktop

    By all accounts, I've found build 1903 to be much more "snapier" than prior Windows 10 builds. It also seems to be extremely stable. With no watermark, I believe this could be the final release or a very close second to a final release candidate. Of course this update is due in April, so maybe...
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    How to restore Recent Items feature?

    Stop crying and show some patience. Its in C:\Users\%UserName%\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Recent You can navigate to this in FIle Explorer. Also: " Right-click the Start button and choose Properties. A dialog box should open. If the Start Menu tab isn't already selected, click it...
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    Failed to install Windows 7 with Error code: 0x8007001B

    I changed your thread title from "Hello" to something a bit more.. explanatory. But hello. Welcome to the forums.
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    Issue Dual-Booting and Installing 2nd Windows 10

    Two things here: Go to Search -> View advanced system settings then go to Advanced -> Startup and Recovery Under Default Operating System do two copies of Windows 10 show or not? Also please run msconfig.msc or Search -> System Configuration ^ You should see two operating systems here...
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    Linux to Windows

    No that won't happen. If the drivers are not provided by Windows Update on 7 they never will be at this point. Go to HP Technical Support, Help, and Troubleshooting | HP® Customer Support and this will likely be the drivers needed for your device to function properly.
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    Linux to Windows

    If a drive is not showing up, and has no errors, reformatting it will not help. The only real advantage of using exFAT over FAT32 on a USB stick is that it supports larger file sizes. You should check device manager (Start->Run->devmgmt.msc) and see if drivers are missing for one or more USB...
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    Introducing Windows 10 S

    It is now just a basic mode of Windows 10, where if you want to switch out, you have to upgrade your license to Home or Pro. Its supposed to optimize performance -- that is mostly accomplished by keeping you in a fenced store mode through Windows Store. It is still supported directly by...
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    Linux to Windows

    You are talking about Windows 7 operating system programming limitations and not necessarily a real 32-bit vs. 64-bit processor issue. While there were limitations in booting Windows 7 on a GPT partition this was because support was not there for this type of booting. However it was still...
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    VPN tracking

    Commercial endpoint security software will usually allow you to track all outbound traffic over client workstations with relative ease. Edge/Internet Explorer should be severely restricted on Windows Server so as to not allow this type of behavior/reduce the attack surface.
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