Insider Preview How big are your Windows 10 installations?


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Thanks for the welcome Dave! I'm looking forward to be able to contribute in some way, hopefully.


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I came to my attention today that some people seem to have much smaller Windows 10 installs then I do.
I don't have any software in my C:\ drive other then a few really small things like CCleaner etc.

I have W10 installed on a 100 Gb partition.

It uses 63 Gb of that.
Only 10 of those are in my Users, Program Files or Program Files (x86) folders.

My Windows folder is 29 Gigabytes.

After the last update I had over 30 Gigabytes in my Windows.old file to be removed.

How big are other peoples Windows 10 installs?

And anyone have any ideas about what could be making mine so big?
I avoided adding a lot of fonts etc, that I would normally have, and I move the Pagefile to another drive.

if I have all those language packs installed where would they be and how could I get rid of them.


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