How to drag and drop end of day


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Not sure if this is available. At the end of the day I usually have several unfinished files or emails open. When I arrive the next day I want to restart my pc but I have to close all windows. Restore previous folder windows at login is a possible solution but I would also like be able to drop open files and emails for later viewing so that I don't have so many open windows during the day which would really only work if I could drag and drop open files or emails.




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Hi Peter,

This is not possible. If you shut down the PC it shuts down the process, when you power on the PC it then has to create a new process for the program to run. A program starting at startup is different to files and emails opening at startup. It will not remember the specifics you are asking for. You can use Restore previous folder windows at login but for only windows directories and it will only be folders.


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It is possible, but not with what's available in Windows. Either you'd have to search for an application that does this or create one. I'm not familiar with anything out there that does this. It wouldn't be a very difficult program to create though

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