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Movie Maker - Microsoft Windows

This installs the down loader for Windows Live Essentials.
I think that it will let you select to just download Movie Maker once you start the process.


Age, this probobly should be a different thread, but if you Google "Windows movie maker" one of the first links is a Windows link to the installer for the app. Beware, the app is no longer supported for Windows 10, despite still working fine.

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Hi Age,
Hey, Good question there!:teeth::star: I didn't even realize that Movie Maker was gone from the Clean Install.:shocked: Check out this YouTube video that explains it and shows you how to get it back (through download of Microsoft Windows Essentials):

Here's a direct link to get it at from MS website too:
Movie Maker - Microsoft Windows

Lastly, here's a link from MS that sort of explains that it's gone and tells you where to go to get it or an equivalent:
Where is Movie Maker in Windows 10? - Windows Help -

Probably an overkill for you after the video; but it might be useful to explain to others what happened to it in more detail.
P.S. The YouTube video is real short; only about 3 min. so it's easy-peasy.


Andrea Borman

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How do I get my Movie Maker back as I clicked in it and up came box I said no the first time.I clicked it again and said yes and it is now gone.I don't see it the menu.
I'm not using Windows 10 at the moment. But I did test it out on the Windows 10 Beta build last year when it first came out.
Both Windows Movie Maker 2.6 and Movie Maker 6 worked on 10 and so did Windows Live movie Maker. So it should still work on 10. I used the 32 bit version BTW.

You can download MM 2.6 and MM 6 from here:
Get the Good Old Movie Maker 2.6 in Windows Vista and Later - AskVG

Blaine's Movie Maker Blog: Installing Windows Movie Maker 6.0 on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or 10

I hope that helps.

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It makes my computer screen go black what should I do


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Thanks all for the movie maker replies.

Well after Windows 7 it seems like MS has been paring down features on each new release. My understanding is that XP mode from Windows 7 will be removed in Windows 10. What about Hyper V does that still work Windows 10? I've got Windows 7 Ultimate and it had a feature that was dropped in Windows 8. It has the ability to make a bootable virtual HD. Basically a folder instead of partitioning the disk. When you are done you simply delete the virtual HD and don't have to mess with repartitioning. It was nice for testing Windows 8 because you were running on the actual hardware and not in a virtual machine. With Windows 10 I just stayed with VMware Player since there were so many bugs.


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are you asking a question @Gary Thomas?

p.s, yes Hyper-v does still work in Windows 10 however it does not trust the host by default like w8.1 did so for workgroup senarios there is some extra stuffing about

I was trying to post yesterday that I have used both VM Ware and oracle to create virtual disks. But a Win10 update was messing with me. Two hours on the phone and remote desk with MS got things straightened out.


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But a Win10 update was messing with me
yes 1 hour into a 4 hour rendor windows decides to 'update' to a 4 year old signed Microsoft driver... so much for auto updates from Microsoft, good times!

One feature I miss the most is that i cant view the Details Plane and the Preview Plane simultaneously. Any way to achieve this?

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One feature I miss the most is that i cant view the Details Plane and the Preview Plane simultaneously. Any way to achieve this?

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I would just change the layout to 'Details' this layout is the same thing as the details pane.

I have reinstalled Windows 10 about 10 times since it came out due to things crashing beyond repair.
Even "refreshing" the drive didn't work, it needed a full clean install after formatting hard drive.

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