Recuva lost files?


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This isn't really a request for help, more curiosity.

This morning I deleted a folder that I though was out of date and I emptied the recycle bin.
Only after that did I realize that there was another folder in it that I did need.

I've never used Recuva but I downloaded it and tried to see if I could get the folder back.

I selected Pictures, and files deleted from the recycle bin.

What I found was that while it showed deleted files from way back the most recent files it showed were from 2015.

It did not show any deleted files from any recent time with the exception of one file deleted today which was unrecoverable.

Why doesn't it show recent activity?

Why no sign of the files I deleted today?

I did restore a few files that were listed as Excellent condition but none of them would open afterwards. so in effect it could not recover anything.

I'm digging out my backup external drives now as I'm pretty sure that I have the files I deleted backed up.

But I just was curious as to why Recuva doesn't see any activity in the last two years.



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I did find most of the deleted files on one of my external backup drives but I may try out your suggestion just to see if it works. I just thought that is was weird that I had files showing up from years ago, but not today.

I had not done much in the way of writing anything so I thought that my stuff that I just deleted would be there.
It showed many overwritten files but nothing recent.

I didn't try the deep scan option because of how long it was going to take.


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There are few commercialware tools available in the market which can help you restore your data. Generally I only recommend Recuva for data recovery. But I won't recommend that here. I can suggest you try few data recovery tools. But don't buy any of them. First, you should download free demo/trial version before purchasing the software. By using demo/trial version, you can see what you could possibly recover before you can actually pay for the software. If you can see that deleted folder, you can purchase the software.


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As you know, retrieving lost files is more or an art than a science. But, you didn't mention whether or not you tested your external hard drive for integrity. Many times, a failing hard drive, even if still spinning can be difficult to recover using Windows tools such as Recuva or GetBack; both tools we highly recommend here on WF. Linux tools such as TESTDISK or PHOTOREC are also good, as they can work on partially failing drives. Also, SPINRITE is another good tool if your drive has only partially failed, as it attempts to repair the damage on the drive and then tries to recover data.

Check my TROUBLESHOOTING GUIDE here for hard drive and RAM Stick testing procedures: Windows 10 - Unclickable Task Bar
You've probably seen me post this before, but it's worth repeating. Your original post here is 3 months old, so you may have already solved your problem or just tossed that drive into a junk parts box and given up on it if it didn't have anything worth spending $500 or more to have professionally recovered.